2.5.0 - Custom art for your custom levels

It has been over 2 years since the Frog Hop level editor was released, and we have been polishing it steadily over time. Today, we have another fairly major feature, and I think it’s enough to justify version 2.5.0!

This update brings custom art as a feature to the level editor. Fans will be able to get more creative with the aesthetic of their levels, as you can now create your own backgrounds and tilesets.

To import a tileset with custom graphics, first move the image into your level folder. Then navigate to “File -> New -> New Tileset…” Select “Based on Tileset Image” and browse out to the image. Save the tileset underneath your level folder as well. (You may use subfolders to organize assets as you choose, but it’s easiest to do this before from the get-go.)

Frog Hop also works with Image Layers now as well. These layers are best used for background/foreground images, as they allow adding a single image, and can be used to tile an image repeatedly across the map.

Here are a few tips to steer you on the right path for how to use custom graphics for Frog Hop in the Tiled editor:

  • Custom art loading is supported for both image layers and tilesets “Based on Tileset Image”. A “Collection of Images” tileset is not supported; you can instead combine your objects together into a tileset image.
  • While not required, it is recommended to use a 9x9 grid for tilesets. This matches the internal grid size for Frog Hop, and will help your tiles line up neatly with the map grid in Tiled so you can place them easily.
  • Custom tilesets do not create collision boxes on their own! You can either use a built-in tileset to lay your ground and then create a new layer for your custom tileset to be overlayed on top of it, or you can manually create walls/floor in an object layer using the black square with the smaller inner square. (Third from the top on built-in tilesets.)
  • When packaging up your level, be sure to include any custom tilesets - both the .tsx file and the image. It is recommended that you place these files within your level folder, or at least the author folder (That is, “LevelEditor/Levels/<YourName>”) if you plan to share the tileset across multiple levels. This ensures that your assets are easily packaged, players can identify where they came from, and that they are synced properly to Steam Cloud.

Lest you think this is the only change in this update, here is a list of additional changes included with 2.5.0:

  • Added controller binding for reset button.
  • Fixed issues when flipping spikes, springs, and other objects in custom levels.
  • Fixed music overlap when changing music with trigger zones and switching maps.


Frog Hop 2.5.0 (Windows) 74 MB
Jul 18, 2023
Frog Hop 2.5.0 (Mac) 97 MB
Jul 18, 2023
Frog Hop 2.5.0 (Linux) 76 MB
Jul 18, 2023

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