2.3.0 - Custom Level Bug Fixes & More

Update 2.3.0 - Windows only

A new update is out for Frog Hop, focusing mainly on some bug fixes regarding the custom level editor. At the moment, this update is only available on Windows - there are some additional issues and considerations with how custom levels work on MacOS and Linux. We would like to release a future patch to address these and bring all platforms up to the same version, but did not want to hold back the Windows update which is ready now, since that is what the majority of users are playing on.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with backgrounds being offset incorrectly in official levels after loading a custom level.
  • Fixed death triggering “game over” and restarting level one life too soon in some circumstances.
  • Fixed “game over” not always resetting gems correctly.
  • † Fixed issue with tongue simultaneously hitting on Sling Node and some other nodes locking the player.

This issue did not present itself in official levels because the arrangement of nodes never makes this possible. It is, however, relevant for custom levels.

IMPORTANT: Level Editor Update

If you have installed the Level Editor DLC, you must update to Tiled 1.9.0 (or newer) after this update. This new update is bundled with 1.9.0 and players installing the DLC for the first time should receive the correct version, but if you already had it you may need to update manually by downloading from mapeditor.org.

Tiled is the open source software used for custom levels. The recent 1.9.0 update introduced some changes which were not fully compatible with the existing Frog Hop tooling, which prompted this update. Left with the choice of staying on the old version and instructing users not to update or forcing an update, we opted for the latter, as the latest version has some useful new features that will benefit level creators.

Now I am sure you are curious what those new features are. Here are a few of the changes in this update related to the level editor:

  • A new property on maps is available for selecting official music from Frog Hop, instead of needing to bundle your own .ogg. (The existing “music” property is still available if you do want custom music.)
  • Map properties and some of the commonly used tile properties are now grouped together, which makes them easier to add and remove for customization.
  • Loading a custom level now displays a progress bar while you wait. It’s not very granular, but useful for levels that have multiple maps as they can take a while to load.
  • Challenge Pack is included with the level editor - this set of 12 maps test your Frog Hop knowledge focusing on niche mechanics for your puzzle-platforming enjoyment.

That’s all for now! If you haven’t tried the Level Editor DLC yet, remember, it’s free. :) Get out there and make some neat stuff! Feel free to share your creations on Steam or in our Discord server.


Frog Hop 2.3.0 (Windows) 80 MB
Jul 24, 2022
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Jul 24, 2022

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