Twitch Arena Expanded & More Bug Fixes (Patch Notes)

Update 1.05

Fixes for a variety of bugs and adds a little extra polish. Here are a few of the included changes:

  • Fixed a lot of sound effects not respecting the audio settings. Also reduced instances of overlapping sound effects to eliminate those ear-popping audio spikes!
  • Fixed one spot where the player could get stuck while backtracking if they did not have certain abilities.
  • Fixed inconsistent layering of certain objects in specific rooms.
  • Chinese, Korean, and Japanese fonts now use their own font file. This makes loading them marginally faster in the language selection screen and takes less memory.
  • Added a way for players to escape when trapped inside a wall of breakable blocks.

Twitch Arena

In addition, this update brings some improvements for the Twitch arena! This feature is mainly intended for streamers, but don't worry - it is 100% optional and does not impact game completion or unlocks.

Familiar with Twitch but don't know how to use the arena? Check the game files - there's a guide there telling you how to set it up! Here are the new enhancements:

  • Arena now has an icon on the map so you can find it again easily.
  • Added a setting to the config for limiting the overall number of simultaneous bosses - useful for a bigger audience to prevent things from getting out of hand.
  • Fixed an issue where boss limits were based on total number that had been spawned, rather than the number currently alive.
  • While the arena is active it will now display the number of bosses defeated and a timer for time alive.
  • Added an additional command to the bot's command list message that was previously left out.
  • 10 more bosses added as commands! These bosses require that you defeat them on the same save file in order for them to be available in the arena. They are:
    •  Acolyte
    • Geisha
    • Berserker
    • Sentinel
    • Samurai
    • Cross Blade
    • Champ
    • Daggerman
    • Tempest
    • Bandit

What's next?

The next update will be focused on optimization and providing more graphics options, particularly to help users with weaker PCs get better performance. There's more to come, folks! Hope you are enjoying Ato!


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Jul 17, 2020

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