v1.1.6 - Better Twitch Arena and more

This update has minimal impact to the core game, but there are a few bug fixes included. The focus instead is around the Twitch Arena, and providing a more customizable experience for the host.

Arena updates

Here are the updates related to the Twitch arena in this patch:

  • Added option in Twitch Arena for a One Hit battle. This can be toggled on and off before starting the fight with a statue in the arena room. Enabling this allows you to fight as if the game difficulty was set to “One Hit”, regardless of what difficulty your save file is.
    • You must complete the game at least once to unlock the One Hit difficulty before this option is available.
  • Dying in the arena will now respawn the player in the same room. No more do you need to run all the way back to the arena. :D
  • Individual spawn limits for each supported boss is now configurable in the twitch_config.ini file.
  • Disconnecting from the arena (either from timeout or with the !disconnect) command will now respawn the target so you can start a new fight without leaving the room.
  • Added an optional voting system. This allows you to space out the spawn rate between bosses in the arena. Any time a user enters a command, it instead places a “vote” for that boss, and when the time expires it spawns one boss from the list randomly. Voting on the same boss increases the odds, but every vote has the potential to be picked!
    • This can be enabled by setting “votingDelay” greater than 0 in the twitch_config.ini.
    • The voting system does not apply to non-boss commands like !rock.

Since there were config changes in this patch, your twitch_config.ini may be overwritten by the update. You will need to obtain a new oauth token and update the config next time you plan to use the Twitch Arena. The “Twitch Arena Guide.txt” file has also been updated to reflect the new options in the config.

Other changes

In addition, there are a few changes worth mentioning that apply outside of just the Twitch Arena. Here is the breakdown of what to expect in 1.1.6:

  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly prevented projectiles from being hit when they spawned under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with respawning during boss rush sometimes placing the player in the wrong room.
  • Health bars no longer display in One Hit difficulty, as they aren’t relevant.


Ato - Windows (1.1.6) 235 MB
Nov 05, 2023
Ato - Mac (1.1.6) 256 MB
Nov 05, 2023

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