You are a runner and a gunner with a sword, fighting your way through the cybernetic world currently invaded by androids and drones. Slash and dash as long as you can and beware the barrels! Your sword is your short-range weapon paired with your blaster to shoot from afar. The yellow danger barrels with explode when you are within close proximity - use this to your advantage!

This game was created for Global Game Jam 2022 in 48 hours. See GGJ page here


  • Move - WASD
  • Aim - Mouse
  • Sword - Left Click
  • Gun - Right Click (or Shift+Left Click)
  • Jump - Space
  • Start - Enter
  • Toggle Fullscreen - Alt+Enter


  • Michael Kirkpatrick - Programmer
  • Clayton Belcher - Artist
  • Derek Song - Composer
  • Austin Huebner - Programmer, Artist
  • Kameron Stephens - Artist
  • Elizabeth Jetter - Sound Designer


Ronin Gun (Windows) 30 MB

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