Gameplay Improvements! (and fixes)

Hi everyone, just an update for Nameless regarding some readjustments to the gameplay and fixes.

In general the update is intended to make melee attacks more meaningful. While you still can run into a crowd of enemies and try to punch them all, doing so will require a bit more deliberateness. Some enemies have been made more dangerous than before and some in-game sprites have been tweaked to better communicate their intended effect properly.

With this update, the goal is to make the game a bit more tense and less about being braindead and running into bullets while meleeing a group of enemies. My hope is that while this game is not perfect, I still want to do the best I can to still make this a product that people can pickup and enjoy the gunplay aspect of.

Patch List:

  • Epilepsy warning added to the store page
  • Cloak Movement speed increased
  • Melee Cool Down increased
  • Fists and Melee focused weapons are not affected as much from melee cooldown penalty
  • Grammar fixes
  • Ammo box sprite adjusted
  • Speed reload effect more apparent
  • Extreme Damage effect more visible
  • In the options screen, Press F10 to reset option settings
  • Removed debug object from Boss 1
  • Piano Fixed
  • An enemy with blue headphones and a guy with a purple balaclava have been buffed.
  • Dog nerfed
  • Dan is now Pete




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Jan 19, 2019

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