This is not the end.

First off I want to quickly say thank you everyone that took the time to look at my kickstarter page for Nameless. 

As the title suggests, I will be doing what I can to cut out as much bloated content as I can to still ship this game. I can’t quite guarantee when it will be completed but I am still going to try and finish this game.

I also want to thank the people that were willing to try and support my endeavor. As a bonus, the people that backed my kickstarter will have their names in gold font at the special thanks. (cheers!) 

Lastly, I want to thank Astuka for making a video on my game Nameless

The NerdQ for doing a podcast on my game

(Click this image to listen to the podcast) 
(Click this image to listen to the podcast)
(Click this image to listen to the podcast)


and Timothy Kolek for the weekly Kickstarter updates:


To stay tuned, you can follow these platforms for more news on the game. 



My game news page:



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