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Bug report: As soon as you start the game, Frog will keep moving to the right. This bug does not happen when the gamepad is not connected.

OS: Linux Mint 20.2

Gamepad: Xbox One Controller

Thanks for the report! I have an idea of what the issue might be. I will try to test it in the next few days and get a patch out.

Just to be sure, have you tried with another controller and changing the "sensitivity" in the settings?

I have not been able to reproduce this issue with an OEM Xbox controller on Ubuntu. (Note that only Ubuntu is technically supported, if that makes a difference.)

Do you have another controller you can try? Does your joystick have any drifting issues? (The sensitivity setting can help with this as it adjusts the deadzone.) Please provide more info if you are still experiencing the issue.

Wow, this game is amazing. Thank you!

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There is something in this game that makes me feel like I actually have to finish, it is not the game objective, is mine... I really like this feeling <3

Just want to report a bug, I got a crash falling right on the begining of level 3 (?)

Hmm the level with the blue birds? is this the demo?

Yep the one with a Blue bird on the Demo :3


I updated the demo, it shouldn't happen anymore.